Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter 2010 - What has been worn and will be worn

What is the new black?: When it comes to color, subtlety seems to be the order of the day. Grey is the new black & other hot picks include beige, light brown & black. 

Accessories: Sling bags are still a favorite & belts are going the skinny way. Leggings are still a safe bet, especially when wearing shorties, to keep away from the cold (even tho' we girls do not usually care about the temperature when it comes to looking good:). Among many girls, especially the Blair Waldorf wannabes' (including yours truly:)), the "hair band" is still an important fashion accessory. 

Shoes: "Bye Bye Gladiators, welcome chunky blocked heels." UGGS are still on the rage & they are getting fatter & and warmer this time. Flat pumps have also achieved the status a "necessity" ( what a black cardigan was to us back in those days). Not spotted on many feet yet (perhaps due to non-availability in the Indian market) , Oxfords &  Clogs are bound to be a hit soon. The non-branded market in Thailand has gotten hold of wooden chunky blocks but not clogs ;( It has not yet proliferated much of the high street stores either:(

Apparel: The leather jacket rage has finally caught least in Mizoram. Jumpsuits are also making a slow entry &  expected to get bigger this summer. Boyfriend Jackets and Men's Coats are also here to stay, soon to achieve mass adoption. Blouses are also seeping in, especially 50's inspired pussy bow blouses which are normally tucked into a high waisted trouser or skirt. Flared pants &  full A-cut skirts are also donned by a few people but the trend is expected to be big. The word's that belle bottoms would also soon become another rage in the fashion world..

Word of advice: Go get yourself a Belle Bottomed Trouser + Clog & be a trend setter this season:)

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