Friday, July 20, 2012

The story of an "un-reversed" reversible belt

A few weeks ago, I bought a “reversible belt” from ZOVI. I was really happy with my purchase as it turned out exactly similar to the way it appeared on the website. Since the design is so simple and minimal, it immediately became a staple item in my wardrobe. One thing that I need to confess though, is that, even though I had initially purchased the belt 1) for the look 2) for the material - it's genuine leather 3) and for the reversible nature, I have never worn the belt reversed. The reason – “I did not know how to actually reverse the belt” nor did I bother to go up to anyone and ask them about the process. Working in the same company that sells the belt, I would have easily got my answer within one phone call with a product expert or by talking to any of my colleagues.  Even if I were like any other customer, I could have called the customer care team who would have helped me instantly. But for some reason, I have never tried any of these things, content with wearing the same “black” side of the belt. 

Then, a revelation came to me in the form of our Photographer Hemanth, with whom I had checked out some belts which were kept aside for product shoots. That's when we came across the same reversible belt; which immediately became the topic of our conversation. I was all praise about the belt and told him that the only issue was that I did not know how to reverse the damn thing. Then, Hemanth, like a pro quickly showed me the steps and I could not believe that I have never tried it. All I had to do was slightly pull and twist the buckle!

So, here I am, sharing my story with everyone. Just in case there is somebody like me out there who needs to learn how to reverse their ZOVI reversible belt.

P.S. Male readers, don't fret yet, thinking this post is not for you. The same theory applies to men's reversible belts as well.:)

All you have to do is pull & twist the buckle and bingo! you've just moved from Black to Tan 


  1. I was expecting to see "Reversible Story of Yours!" But... it turned out to be a real story of reversible belt!! Haha... I was thinking & dreaming differently or what? i am not sure, hihi :-)) Gud post. Million Likes. Keep it up. :-))

  2. thanks Dr. John.. so the predictable actually turned out to be unpredictable huh :)