Thursday, April 4, 2013

Of Police Stations and more..

Today, I was at the Police Station for the 6th time in my life and thanks to the long waiting time, old memories flashed through my mind. One incident which particularly stood out happened in 2005 when I was harassed by some random guy on the street (henceforth referred to as "the guy"). It happened around 10:00 pm while I was walking down a very busy and packed Brigade road in Bangalore towards the auto stand (have mentioned this incident in my earlier post). In case some of you are wondering what I was wearing, I was in fact modestly dressed; completely covered up from the neck down.

Anyways, coming back to my story, I remember screaming and hitting the guy with my bag. Suddenly, a crowd gathered around us and some of them told me to let him go or forget it. Thankfully, there was a gentleman named Anthony who stepped up and questioned everyone saying, "What will you do if the same thing happened to your sister or mother?" He then made it clear that the guy had to be taken to the police station and offered to help out. I also agreed with him as I felt that it was my duty as a woman to get the guy punished for his crime. Since the area was within the jurisdiction of Austin town police station, we took him there. As I observed him closely, he looked very dopey, insane and looked like someone who lived on the streets. I felt a little bad when the policemen showered him with verbal abuses, punches and kicks. The upside, however was that he would surely think twice the next time he gets the urge to harass anyone.

I bet it would have been very a challenging task to take the guy  to a police station at that time of the night had it not been for Anthony. I'm also quite doubtful if the police would have been that cooperative had it not been for him. I can't thank him enough for that night and I believe that if there were more Anthonies, India would be a much better place for women. I hope that he is happy and blessed wherever he is.


Through this short blog post, I would like to urge all my readers to stand up against eve-teasers.


  1. While doing the right thing, so much of crimes around us can be minimized. You did the right thing dear, and i believe you are keep in touch with him as well :D