Saturday, December 28, 2013

Delhi Diaries

It's my first non-work, non-academic related visit to Delhi so I'm planning to document (almost) my entire experience in this trip, just so that I can store the memories well & have something to read when I become old and forgetful:)

Night1: Landed at 9:47 PM & enjoyed every bit of the cold Delhi air that bit me. Poo Poo picked me up at the airport & we headed straight to South Delhi to pick up Margaret. Got a little lost, met Nunu & Elkin after a lonng time. Had a glass of Goan port wine and headed to GK2 for a drink but could not find a place:( Got the first taste of Delhi spirit when a guy incessantly honked at us when the car stopped for just two seconds due to technical failure. I also felt a little wary whenever I saw a group of guys staring at us, mostly owing to the infamous rape & molestation stories which NCR has been attributed with. We headed to GK2 but sadly most of the places were shutting down.

Fair Price Shop:)
After a couple of hits and misses, we finally landed at Shalom, which had an amazing terrace lounge. The other floors were fully packed & the people were already too wasted for our sober selves. Unfortunately the terrace was shut soon after we reached & we left after a glass of wine.
At the Terrace of Shalom
Day1: It feels so good to cozy up with a heater & a blanket in this cold Delhi weather! Feeling lazy but I've got places to see & stuffs to do while I'm here:) Current task: Plan my Delhi Itinerary... & googling 'stuffs to do in Delhi'. In today's Intinerary - Sarojini & Janpath. I'm going to hunt for my big fat Jhumkis:)


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