Thursday, September 16, 2010

All things Mizo

This reminds me of one of the core values of Mizos which is "honesty". Crops are being placed unattended on roadside shops with their prices displayed. Customers can place their money inside the jar and walk away with the crops. It is popularly known as "Nghahloh Dawr" meaning "Unattended Shop".  In the olden days as well as in some of the towns today, Mizos don't lock their doors because they trust each other. 

Sharon flowers blooming 

Road accident in Mizoram

Good Samaritans: People always stop to help each other.

Pumpkin leaves- a delicacy in Mizoram

Bamboo trees and a YMA signboard that greets travellers upon leaving "Samulkhai' Town

Traditional Mizo "Saum Bur" where pork fat is fermented
A foggy day in Mizoram

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